Clothes aren’t the only things that tell a lot about us. Just as we develop habits in how we look, we do the same thing with our words, our pattern of speech, our accent (mine is a slight southern drawl), our choice of words, whether we always express the negative or see the bright side of things.

Words are the tools with which we make or break relationships. We build lives with words or tear them down. On the other hand, hundreds of words can be said without opening our mouths. Our body language, our facial expressions, our tone, our ability to listen–not just “hear” or “hear what we want to hear” but listen–are as impactful as our words.

Our speech is important whether we are talking to spouses, acquaintances, children, or people we’ll never meet again. Moreover, we should especially be judicious in how we talk with children. Children are God’s precious creations still in the formative stages of life. Their lives shouldn’t be sickened with our words.

Those people who mutter walking down the grocery store aisles? Well, maybe we’re not talking about them so much, but how we talk to ourselves is important. Countless times there is absolutely nothing standing in the way of us reaching a goal except for the words we use about ourselves.

How we keep ourselves looking on the outside can tell a lot about us. Yet, our words come from deep within our hearts. How we use words can leave us beautifully adorned or pitifully “without.” Mark Twain once said, “Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence in society.” Be a person of positive influence. Wear the right words.

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