Writing and Speaking

– Bachelor of Arts in Speech Communication – Bachelor of Science in English – drama director for several community productions

– public relations for various businesses and agencies – copy editor for literary agency – freelance writer for subjects including: parenting, marriage, Christian devotionals, communication, writing 101, overcoming fear of public speaking – public speaker over 25 years – certified Personality Trainer – judge for Writers Digest self-publishing book competition – judge for Daughters of the American Revolution national essay contest

– conducted workshops on relaxation, organization, hearing God’s voice series, motivation & growth, listening skills, self-esteem building for youth, and Personality Trainings

Attended numerous speaker trainings including ones taught by . . .

• Mark Victor Hansen, co-creator of Chicken Soup Series

• Doug Wead, advisor to two presidents and served on senior staff for George H. W. Bush • Richard Greene, former speech writer for President George H. W. Bush • Alex Mandossian, Teleseminar Secrets and Virtual Book Tour Secrets (affiliate member of both)

• Tom Antion, Great Internet Marketing Tools

Contributing writer for periodicals or publications, some of which are:

“For the millions of people who are living their lives “one day at a time,” these daily affirmations will provide a year’s worth of wisdom and encouragement to help get through the rough spots and to celebrate victories.” – Chicken Soup for the Recovering Soul, edited by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Peter Vegso, Gary Seidler, Theresa Peluso, Tian Dayton, Rokelle Lerner, and Robert Ackerman.

Glenda’s entry “Failure” relates that If people don’t fail, they aren’t striving for anything but what is within easy grasp. Failure is not bad; it’s how a person looks at that failure and then decides what to do with it.

“The teachers that we remember most are those whose lessons extend beyond the classroom, whose guidance stays with us throughout our lives. With these teachers in mind comes Letters to My Teacher, a collection of inspiring letters to teachers from adults looking back, and kids looking up. Filled with dozens of real-life letters, this heartwarming book speaks of lessons learned, lives changed, and the quiet heroes who made it all possible.”

“It’s All in the Delivery” is Glenda’s story in Letters to My Teacher edited by Barb Karg and Rick Sutherfland of when she was a college freshman and assigned to do a scene from an ancient Greek play by Euripides. She was to portray the messenger who comes running on stage to announce the heinous scenes of events transpired off stage. Glenda didn’t want to do it and thought, “Eh, so what if I just flunk this one assignment? No big deal.” Unfortunately her professor, Mr. Brown, didn’t see it the same way. He made her redo the scene until she did it well. He believed in her. He wouldn’t let her give in or give up. He demanded excellence.

Because that professor did not let her slide past and slough the assignment, Glenda learned to “push herself past the easy road.” “You helped me to start believing in myself.” She’s remembered that principle and tried to apply it throughout life.

“This touching collection of more than sixty moving letters celebrates the very special gift of a mother’s love. Written by people of all ages and backgrounds in appreciation of the mothers who inspired, loved, and nurtured them, these letters confirm that there’s nothing like the special bond between mother and child.”

“HGACKTS” with its unpronounceable title is Glenda’s story in Letters to My Mother edited by Barb Karg and Rich Sutherland of how she finally learned to appreciate her mom’s tenacity and focused determination. Most of the time Glenda and her mom butted heads because Glenda inherited her mom’s extreme stubbornness and strong will. Yet that inherited stubbornness is what helped give Glenda the ability to learn how to build a warm loving environment with her own husband and children—the environment Glenda wanted more than anything.

By the way, HGACKTS is Glenda’s Arizona automobile license plate. It stands for Hug a Cactus (Without Getting Hurt).

From the Back Cover “Discover Your Personality Type and Improve Your Relationships! Do you have trouble getting along with certain family members, friends or work associates? Why are people wired so differently? Learn how understanding your own personality type can help you turn terminated relationships into germinated, growing relationships! Once you understand your personality type and how you’re wired, you will be ready to discover how to maximize your strengths while minimizing your weaknesses. Then, you’ll learn how to quickly pick up cues about the personality of others from their body language. Your life will be enriched as you grow deeper in your faith, and quickly improve seemingly incompatible relationships with friends, family and coworkers!”

Glenda is a Certified Personality Trainer. Her contribution to Wired That Way by Marita Littauer shares how her phlegmatic husband, Jack, relates to people and approaches learning new things. Glenda jokes that she doesn’t have a phlegmatic bone in her body, yet she and her husband wonderfully complement each other’s personalities. When people understand that everyone truly is wired differently, they begin to realize that “MY way is the RIGHT way” is not necessarily true.

“When it comes to having faith in a God you can’t see, from time to time even the strongest Christians need a reminder that God is still active in the world and in people’s lives. Sometimes that reminder is a gentle nudge or whisper, other times it’s a tornado-strength gale that blows us over.”

Glenda’s story “Seven Little Words” in Bonnie Bruno’s book, When God Steps In, Stories of Everyday Grace shares how she never felt like she could be a good mother and was afraid to have children because of that. She had a horrible temper and knew that temper might easily display itself in a way she didn’t want it to. But, Glenda did become a mother, and only through God’s miraculous intervention did He take that temper away from her. When God fixes something, he does it permanently. He took that vicious temper away from her over 30 years ago and it’s still gone!

Mom 2 Mom Connection Sheila Wray Gregorie’s “To Love Honor and Vacuum” newsletter Oklahoma Today Havasu Magazine Havasu Connection

Dedicated Author Portraits (articles covering territory from the Grand Canyon to Yuma) Cross and Quill Melody of the Heart (columnist)


CLASS (Christian Leaders Authors and Speakers Services) NABBW (National Association of Baby Boomer Women) NAWW (National Association of Women Writers) Past Nonfiction Writer for: www.bellaonline.com

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